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Jesse James:
Lego made one, it was actually used in TIE Fighter first, then later in X-Wing: Alliance.  It's subsequently turned up in various source material. 

I think that Lego made it actually gives it some hope that Hasbro would consider it...  especially since they seem to have their eyes on the series it came from to some degree.

The ship you're thinking of Paul is the Phantom.  It looks like a little Kamino Saber Dart actually.  Kinda neat, very tiny, but a whole other ship.

Your right. Me bad. I though they were the same ship. I must be getting old. The TIE Phantom would be amazing too.

They made the defender in the action fleet line (Galoob) too. That was a great scale for ships- more substantial than titanium, but small enough that they display well with figures to give some reference for pilots etc. I suppose they would be a $15 or more pricepoint in todays market, since regular vehicles are $25-30.

Jesse James:
Defender's also in the Titanium line.

Sadly I think Action Fleet would be like $100 the way today's price hikes are going. :P


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