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2011 Disney Star Tours Box Sets

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Not one, but two new box sets to celebrate the opening of the updated Star Tours ride at Disney. 

I love the box of droids (Hasbro said the suitcases do in fact open up to hold weapons, accessories, whatever), but I'm not sure if I'll pick up the top set.  I'd like to get one of those Stormtroopers (I think they called them Skytroopers) and Vader's little platform, but I'm not sure if it will be worth the price just for those two things.

Vader's big hover-segeway is interesting.

Glowstick bot!

This where those China ebay sellers come in handy...hopefully.

Utai and the airtrooper I want.

I really am liking the 2nd set - and I too am on the fence with the top set.

Jesse James:
Yeah, so long as these aren't too outrageous, I probably wouldn't mind having at least the 2nd set. 

The red and grey droid looks like something from Wall-E.

I like both sets, but I probably won't like the price...  And since they are probably only going to be available inside the Disney Studios and Disneyland (as opposed to Downtown Disney; I'll be going down to visit my parents this winter and we probably will visit Dt Disney, but not the parks..), I'll probably miss them.

I'm such a sucker for Stormtroopers with unique decos...  :-[


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