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Are Luke and Han close friends or just teammates?

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I am on a trip to visit the in-laws (anybody in St Louis know of a good toy run location?) and so i downloaded the radio Dramas for Star Wars and Empire.

It got me to thinking,  during the OT are Han and Luke really close friends or are they just good teammates?   

In the movies they seem to be closer than they do in the Radio Dramas.


Maybe it's kind of a Bert and Ernie thing? 

Jesse James:
I got the feeling that, once ANH passes and Han saves Luke's life, they're pretty close...  We don't see a lot of it, but they are pretty good friends.  Leia's that weird bit of tension for them but at some point Luke seems like he lost interest in her of course.  Thank god.

My vote is for teammates.

I think Han's closest friend is Chewbacca.  Whatever the situation Chewie is with Han.  Han maintains his indepenance free-agent status with the Rebellion until RotJ.  Luke on the other hand has invested himself fully into the Rebellion as well as his dabbling in the Force, which Han regards as a hokey religion.  

Jesse James:
I disagree....  Han openly invites Luke to join him, leave the REbellion...  I don't think Han's wanting to distance himself from the Rebellion necessitates a distancing himself from Luke.  I look at it as Han is who he is, he wants to leave and pay his debts and not run from them.  He literally just got sidetracked...  He doesn't want to lose Leia or Luke in his life, but he's his own man is all.

Think about it too...  Vader uses the torture of Leia, Han, Chewie as a ways to lure Luke to him...  Luke has a bond there that goes well beyond "We just work together".  Luke cares about them, and is attached to them.  And it's stronger than him doing what's best for himself and the galaxy by staying with Yoda.  Luke sees them in his visions though, Han included.

I do think Chewie and Han are best friends though...  Chewie is willing to kill himself to save Han.  There's a bond there that's unmistakeable.


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