Author Topic: TAC Gold Coin Figures for sale or trade for UPC's for Fett Mail Away!  (Read 1318 times)

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I have the following TAC Gold Coin Figures: $3 each,unless noted,or all 12 for $25 + ACTUAL shipping ( Parcel or Priority) or will trade for UPC's for the Fett mail away!

Airborne Trooper
Mace Windu
Biggs Darklighter
Han Solo
Boba Fett / Cartoon ( small crease by hang tag )-- $8
Concept Snowtrooper
Darth Vader ------ $8
Concept Chewbacca
Luke Ceremonial
Galactic Marine
Concept Fett ----- $10

Sorry,I don't have a paypal account,but I do accept postal Money Orders.I can only get shipping quotes on Saturdays ONLY due to my work schedule,so please be patient.

Thanks for looking.

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