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I'm all in on this one. Would give my left nut to see what Michonne will look like.


Jesse James:
Boo, 6" figures...  I'm already out.  ::)

Why can't anyone accept that they can do more in a smaller scale?  If this were articulated 3.75", I'd be all over it.

EE has photos up...they look awesome. They are definitely all based on the comics rather than the TV show, but that's cool. Some pretty good gore there.

Series two will be figures based on the TV show. It's pretty cool that McFarlane is mixing things up by making both comic and TV figures. I would've loved some 3 3/4 TWD figures since I'm not big into larger figures. I might pick up some of the TV figures, but it really depends on how they look.

Jesse James:
3.75" scale would've had me hooked too I think.  I really dislike the larger scales and wish companies would abandon 6" figures all together.  I figured with things the way they were in China it might've happened by now where everyone goes to a smaller scale to save on materials and get more production out of the steel they're using, but ultimately it seems like 6" is not going anywhere and 3.75" is the one suffering anymore.


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