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Another impulse buy today was the latest Mattel Batman (The Zipline version)

What a great figure this is, sculpted by the Four Horseman (Same guys who do MOTU) it looks like the Batman people have wanted forever.  Looking at what else is in the line though makes me cringe...

A line I probably won't collect but a figure I couldn't pass up!

Funny, I was thinking the same thing when I recently saw some pics online of the Zipline Batman, its not a figure line I want to get into, but I thought about picking this particular one up, just because it is so well done.  Plus, I always had a Batman fig when I was a kid.

the line will seemingly hav a lot of bad guys, so i'm happy about that.

and we'll be getting a batgirl sometime next tot he robin we already got, oh  and a nightwing.

I also found Joker last night and couldn't refuse.  The Four Horseman just rule in their sculpting.  So...I will probably buy a Robin as well and be done with it  :-*

I picked up the Batman Nightwing 2 pack the other day. It's pretty cool. The Superman Batman 2 pack looks good too.


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