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Jesse James:
I agree...  It's one of those things that, depending how you interpret, may not have happened at all...  I've always liked the idea of A-Wings in their infancy prior to Yavin though, and having a couple at Yavin base.  It even got snuck into the ICS of Yavin Base, though I forget what they're called.  Like Spearhead Fighters or something like that.

I also recall reading somewhere in the EU novels that ships can overlap shields when in close proximity.  It certainly doesn't show in the film the way the wingmen get blown away, but that formation could drive increased shield protection for all three ships if they are able to build off each other.

I think if it could be redone, it would make more sense to make the "trench" more of a tunnel.  It sure seemed like they dropped into the trench well before they really needed to.  And if there are that many fighters, why not drop a dozen in the trench all at once to provide more aft defense?  Or stagger the formations, so that a rear group could fight off any TIE fighters that close in on the frontal assault.

That's because it's hard enough to film three models moving down a trench then twenty models.


--- Quote from: Master_Phruby on March 22, 2011, 02:48 PM ---That's because it's hard enough to film three models moving down a trench then twenty models.

--- End quote ---

I think we all get that the end product was based more on what could be done rather than a divine plan for every frame of action.  Its just more fun to try to come up with plausable explanations.   ;)

Jesse James:
Actually filming that many models wouldn't have been that hard...  It's simply overlaying one shot of a few models over the next.  For ILM at the time, that's how a lot of stuff was done, so it is possible.

The whole trench run is based on the Dam Busters raid though, which is an interesting reference point for plausible reasons fighters and things didn't do this or that in the film then perhaps.

What would've made a lot more sense ultimately would've been the exhaust port facing down the trench, rather than outward towards space.  Never really considered that.


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