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I was watching ROTJand I have a question that sadly will require EU to flesh out.

In his skiff disguise, is Lando part of a certain distinct race or species?  The other human guards seem to have the same breastplate and other likenesses.

Jesse James:
I can only imagine Shadows of the Empire is the only story that covers anything about Lando's disguise...  I don't recall reading anything specific about why the humans have that same breastplate, but you're right Paul that a number of human guards all have the same bit of armor.

Shadows is silent on the Audiobook version. (See what I did there?)  I listened to it on the plane to and from Disney last week.

But since each incarnation of Shadows of the Empire told part or a version of the story it could, but the Audio book doesn't give us any clue.

Jesse James:

I mean the obvious answer is whoever was doing the props just molded off a couple more of those, and they fit the more typical human build, but I can't honestly think of any sources saying anything about why humans had on similar armor...

It'd be easy to say though, that like the Gammoreans who are all dressed the same, that it's something of a uniform for the human guards...  Maybe issued by Jabba's own armory even, but it could be the humans are their own group too...  Helmets have sime similarities too (I think the guy who shoots Luke's hand, and Lando's bucket, are similar at least...  Frozec may be sporting parts of the same headgear.

The whole Rodian thing always weirded me out...  They love that green racing jumpsuit with the stripe, and a tan vest of some sort.  They're like Nacy's closet from Nancy & Sluggo.  You just expect the same outfit times 12 hanging up in any Rodian's wardrobe.

I don't think there's any official mention of it, but it would make sense that the guards wear similar uniforms.  Jabba has a pretty big organization - you wouldn't want everyone running around in their own outfits unless they had ID cards or badges or something to indicate their position.  Of course, that then begs the question why other races don't wear the same or similar uniforms...maybe there are just more humans, so there is more need to distinguish human guards?  Or maybe the "guards" are all wearing these uniforms and Jabba has other henchmen (mainly non-human) who wear whatever they want.


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