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I got the Green Light from the wife to add the Arcade version of the Star Wars Trilogy to game room at home.

Has anybody heard whether these things are worth the $ or are prone to breakage?

I played one at the Hotel Arcade over spring break and had a good time.

I am thinking of getting the stand up version as a space saver, but the sit down one is just so cool...

Jesse James:
Hahahaha...  This is too funny.  Your house is like Neverland for adults.

A buddy of mine owns the ROTJ game, stand-up, and I don't recall him ever saying they're things prone to breaking...  However, I'd imagine if you keep it clean/free of dust you'd be better off.

This is really neat though Paul, seriously.  Is this the recent big assed game with stellar graphics?  It was out in maybe the late 1990's or something?  Or is this from the 80's?

Late 90s. 

I couldn't get past the first level. So all I know is if you get far enough you get to ride a speeder bike or so the Internet says.

Well I've gotta get the house ready for the next JD staffers jamboree and sleep over.

Jesse James:
I suddenly found something almost as fun as riding around in a tracked vehicle in a cow field.

I loved that game Paul, and actually I've beaten that game a LOT over the years.  Used to have it at Dave & Busters here, and a bar in a trendy night area called Station Square.  I absolutely loved it, and the one you sat in was obviously the more fun one. 

Very cool game, good graphics, great sound...  It's still one of my favs.

If you are talking about this one:

or some other setup of it, then I am totally with you on this idea!

I LOVED this game - my son did too.  We used to play it at this local pizza place until the joint burned down and the game along with it.  My son literally  :'(  at loss of this arcade game - not the pizza joint.  The place has since rebuilt at a different location and with different arcade titles. 


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