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New JD Review: Vintage Wave 7 Rebel Fleet Trooper

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Jesse James:
I posted a review of the new Vintage Collection Rebel Fleet Trooper to's front page (my first front page review in ages).

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Basically it's just as I imagined...  A couple things annoyed me, but nothing soured me on this figure.  He is what I expected, and I was pretty satisfied.

The sculpt is really detailed, the likeness is a mystery (It's like the sharp Pello Scrambas features were sort of worn down, almost rounded off) but cool and neutral enough, the accessories are small yet they all appear to be new, the deco is on-par for what it should be (the blue is correct CHEWIE, fear not!), and the articulation is what it should be.

Other than the vest, and holster, I'm pretty much completely happy... other than the hat not arriving *ahem*, haha.

I can't tell if the hat is grey or tan by the early photos of the figure, but it's a cool accessory regardless.

I can't wait to buy, well, another 100 of these guys? :)  Maybe not that many...  or maybe I will over time, I don't know.  Depends on how long I'm still collecting.  Either way I'm in on an army of these Fleet Troopers.  I waited too long to not buy them now that they're here, regardless.  Even if I quit tomorrow I'd still army build him.

I just hope he's really easy to pick up in quantity.  :-\

Nice review, Jesse.  Hopefuly, we'll see this bad boy on the pegs soon!

Dan Curto would be proud of this review.

Jesse James:
It was nice to go back and touch on this for a front page review.  If I ever get a decent camera, and do a nice set-up at home, I'd like to get my front page reviews rolling again.  It's rough with all the other front page stuff though, and then actual life, but reviews are the thing I actually miss doing.

This one I couldn't resist.  Be damned the camera quality, which all in all didn't turn out too bad actually, if I may say. 

Thanks for the comments...  I'd waited too long for this guy to not review him, so I had to.  I'm still really weirded out by the belt/holster.  And honestly it's the only thing that really bummed me about the figure.  The vest I can live with, though that's a major corner cut by Hasbro to save a buck.  Kind of meh to that.  The holster though...  EVERY character has a holster anymore, and they cheaped out on an army builder?  For shame.  Cut it on the female X-Wing pilot, not this guy!  Yeesh.

Nice Review: highly detailed

It is a new figure with accurate depiction of clothes, character and weapons.

The separate piece of leg strap for charges is a revolutionary tool, applicable in the near future for rebel pilots figures.

The poseability of the figure is also very enjoyable.


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