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Jesse James:
Sandtroopers got another early proto image, this time it's the rumored Taun-Taun... 

Clicky to see it.

The beast appears to have added ball/socket shoulders, and ankles, as well as a new removable saddle.  check out the stirrups.  Pretty slick that those are done that way IMO. :) 

The left horn's broke, which is what Luke's had, so that's further confirmation that this is the rumored Luke's Taun-Taun, which I believe also turned up in Euro TRU computers if i'm not mistaken.

The figure should be pretty interesting.

Also of note...  That left horn's a separately sculpted/molded piece.  Leaves it open for them to do a new horn rather than resculpting the entire head, to do Han's more generic Taun-Taun...  Doesn't bode well for a split-belly feature though.   :'(

I really like the details to the saddle now though.  Much nicer.  I expect the figure to be pretty flawless too...  it's been way too long for Hoth Luke to get a decent figure.

When they do Han's less distinct ride, I'd really dig seeing them do a Hoth Rebel scout then, using Han's taun-taun sculpt.  I've always wanted a Hoth Scout for some reason, have some of the wranglers holding its reigns and stuff.

Blaster under the pillow:
That looks excellent to me.  I would love if they did a pre special edition Wampa to go with it. One of the things I still can't stand about the special ed's is how the Wampa goes from having ears on top to none at all when he's chewing on that Taun-Taun bone.

Yeah, a new, nicely done Hoth Luke will be the real prize of this set.

Finally! I've been hoping for a new Tauntaun (and Hoth Luke, while they're at it) for some time.

Hoth is by far my favorite battle in the entire OT.  Anything from that little corner of the Galaxy is major win to me.

I love the Stirrups this time around  on that sculpt.  Bodes well for ball socket hips on the New Luke Figure.  I wonder if they will make us a Han Solo (in Blue coat ;)) with that added piece of articulation as well.

JJ, what makes the Scouts different from a regular Echo Base/Hoth Trooper?


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