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Jesse James:

We were invited to cover the Lego Kids Fest event when it came to Pittsburgh's David L. Lawrence Convention Center last weekend.  I went down Friday afternoon for the VIP event prior to the show opening to the public, and it was insanely fun!

I did a write-up here you can check out:,47107,

There's an extensive Image Gallery with the story as well, so the pictures in the story are only a small fraction.

The show is traveling around to different cities, so if you can make it to one, and you're into Legos at all (or have a little one that is), you'd do yourself a huge favor to check this out. 

I had way more fun than I thought I would.  I was expecting to just cover the event, but wound up joining in on the Creation Nation build, and spending a lot of time checking out all the displays.  It's something to definitely check out if you're able to.

Awesome story and write up, It would have been alot of fun to go this.


That's an excellent looking event.  I would have loved to go to something like that.  Thanks for covering it and posting the photos, Jesse.

I would like to see what the Creation Nation ended up looking like.  I'm also blown away by the Hogwarts display.  Since Lego dropped the first HP Hogwarts castle set I've had a dream of building some huge castle like that but now that I've seen what the Lego pros have done, eh, why bother.  ;)


Jesse James:
Yeah the professional models sort of make you dream back when you were building castles and stuff (at least castles were my fav as a kid) and how I tried for epic stuff and it apparantly was very lame by comparison, haha.

The coverage was pretty last-minute, after catching a TV commercial that the show was coming to Pittsburgh.  I had no idea that it even existed till then, so it was cool to get to do the show.

Plus I have to admit, I took an unguided tour of the DL Convention Center while I was there.  I've wanted to check it out since it was built.  I was in awe at how big it was.  They were setting up a Mine Safety show in the other half...  Rumor keeps saying it's on the short lists of potential Celebration destination possibilities...  I dunno.  It's definitely got the room, it just needs the hotel space (which is growing/expanding).

I'd have loved to see the Creation Nation finished project as well.  I was bummed I couldn't make it back down on Sunday just to snap a few photos of what it finally looked like.

By the end of Friday's first show though, when I was heading out, I went upstairs and saw a good bit of certain areas like Florida, Pittsburgh (obviously), and other parts had been filled in pretty quick.  It's a massive map though, so it surely would've taken all weekend to fill it up.

That flyer you took a photo of says that photos will be online at the Kids Fest website but I didn't find Pittsburgh yet, but past events have photos posted.  I didn't find any closeups yet, though, so it's hard to see what kind of individual things people made.

Even though I don't collect Star Wars Lego anymore, I've always been a huge fan and will buy a set now and then, so seeing something like this is really cool.



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