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While looking at the updated pictures of the Star Wars Blu Ray set, it got me to thinking when Indy would be on the radar.  After we get this SW mega set, the Indy "OT" is really my biggest want as far as blu rays go.  I didn't think we had heard any news on it yet, but I just caught this line in the Star Wars SDCC info:

--- Quote ---5:00-6:00 2011-2012: The Golden Age of Blu-ray?óWith such titles as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Ben-Hur, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Citizen Kane, Lawrence of Arabia, Titanic, and Raiders of the Lost Ark on the way, could this be Blu-ray's Golden Age? Panelists Bill Hunt, Adam Jahnke, and Todd Doogan of The Digital, along with BD producers Charles de Lauzirika (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, The Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus, Crave) and Cliff Stephenson (Rambo, The Expendables, Crank 2, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), Warner Home Video's George Feltenstein (senior vice president, theatrical catalog marketing) and othere discuss the subject, hold Q&A, and offer giveaways. Room 5AB
--- End quote ---

I don't know if that is an announcement that I missed, or if it just slipped through, but reading that it looks as if Raiders of the Lost Ark is at least planned for BD release sometime soon.  If that is the case, maybe they are releasing them one at a time, instead of in box set form (for some reason).

Maybe this cut scene will show up on there someday...

From The Digital Bits

--- Quote ---At last night's L.A. Times/Hero Complex screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark in Los Angeles, director Steven Spielberg confirmed that the Indiana Jones films are "coming soon" to Blu-ray, but only when producer George Lucas is ready. Spielberg would apparently like that to be within 6 months, while Lucas is apparently on more of a 12-month schedule. [Editor's Note: Our industry sources continue to tell us to look for the release in the 2nd half of 2012, as part of Paramount's 100th studio anniversary celebration.] The print that was shown last night was the digital restoration that will be used for the Blu-ray, and it apparently looks terrific. Spielberg reportedly made a point of noting that nothing has been tampered with in the film and there's no added dialogue, which drew some laughs from the crowd for obvious reasons. It's not yet decided if the set will include all four films in the series or just the unreleased trilogy. Star Harrison Ford was also on hand at the event as a guest and said he'd be up for doing a 5th Indy film as long as his character "isn't going to Mars" (which drew more laughs as you can imagine). Talks for a sequel are apparently under way.
--- End quote ---

As big as they are on anniversaries, it's weird that they did Star Wars this year instead of next (it's 35th), and didn't do Raiders this year (it's 30th).

And it's not Indy, but this deserves mentioning, too.

--- Quote ---Spielberg also confirmed again that E.T. is coming to Blu-ray from Universal in 2012, but likely only the original theatrical cut. He asked the audience if they'd care if the "new" version wasn't on the Blu-ray, which generated a big "NO!" Spielberg acknowledged this and said he regrets making the changes he did for the DVD.
--- End quote ---

(It's 30th.)

Jesse James:
Spielberg really playing up Lucas fiddlign with his movies.  Funny.

Spielberg gets it.


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