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Sideshow Militaries 12" Gree


Jesse James:
Wow...  Yakface revealed this secret was coming and it looks really sweet.

I really feel the Clone prices have been fairly reasonable too, given what all they entail in development and production.  I haven't bought an armored trooper of any kind yet, but Sideshow keeps swaying me.  I keep thinking if Hasbro went up in price much more I'd just bail and buy Sideshow.  You get more for your money.

I love that they gave him his Clone Wars hairdid...  I kind of hope Hasbro changes their figure around to reflect that (I'd rebuy him for that change).

darth broem 2:
God, that is a great looking figure.     Yes, the Clone Wars head looks fantastic!

Sideshow emailed me tonight to let me know that Gree is in the warehouse and to ask if I wanted him shipped out early. :D I think I'll just wait until January 5th, since I would have to use Next Day Air to get him before Christmas.

They seem to be hammering us again with everything that is shipping.  It seems like I have been getting non stop shipping notices from SS since November.


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