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12" Scale STAP
« on: July 18, 2011, 03:02 AM »
So the Sidesshow Online Toy Fair revealed a bit more today!

1:6 Scale STAP...

What better way to make a big ass display piece for your Battledroid figure(s)?  That's pretty slick.  I'm sort of surprised.

The video also says repaints are obviously going to be flying with the Battledroid...  Makes sense to cover the cost of that figure's tooling.

Really though, that's an awesome piece to make right out of the gate for the clankers.  :)

And the IG-88 tease is interesting too...  I hope he's 1:6 scaled and not a statue or anything.  Love IG-88, and Hasbro's figure gives me high hopes for what Sideshow can do in a larger scale.
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