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--- Quote from: JediJman on October  4, 2013, 06:19 PM ---  Ultron ultimately becomes one of the Avengers greatest heroes and a never-ending source of guilt for Hank. 

--- End quote ---

He's like Bender, he says he wants to kill all humans, but is really good at heart.

Surprised this wasn't posted earlier:

(the voice of) Jarvis is The Vision.

Interesting choice.  So, are they just giving him a bigger part is there some storyline connection between Jarvis and Vision via Ultron?  Maybe Ultron is working to bring other AI's to independence and helps create a body for Jarvis, who redubs himself the Vision?  Anyone know Vision's backstory from the Ultimates?  I'm only familiar with the traditional Marvel U storylines, which they are obviously not following.

I'm thinking instead of Pym creating Ultron who creates Vision, we'll see Stark creating Ultron who then hacks Jarvis to create Vision.

It's an interesting development.  J.A.R.V.I.S as an AI has been characterized as fairly powerful.  Paul Bettany seems like he could step into the role of the Vision pretty well.

As for who actually develops Ultron?  I think there are plenty of possibilities out there for how that might develop.  Stark's tech hasn't been completely secure over the history of the Iron Man movies, or the Avengers.  Stane got a hold of Stark's Mk 1 plans in the first Iron Man.  Justin Hammer weaponized the Mk 2 armor, turning it into War Machine.  Also, Vanko managed to hack that armor in addition to the creation of the Hammer Drones and his own Whiplash armor.  Stark hacked SHIELDs computers in AVENGERS.  One would think that it might also be possible for SHIELD to hack the Mk 6 armor when it was on the helicarrier.  And in Iron Man 3 AIM managed to hack the Iron Patriot armor.  Add all that up and Tony's armor has been somewhat less than secure.

But I think that some of what we saw in Iron Man 3 may be at the root of the Ultron creation story.  After Tony works on the implants that allow him to summon the Mk 42 armor remotely, we see a scene where Mk 42 is assembled and has independently made it's way to Tony as he's sleeping.  Perhaps what's next is that a new suit beyond Mk 42 becomes self aware, leading to Ultron. 


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