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Sideshow Life-Size Han Solo in Carbonite

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Oh man, I am soooooo tempted to buy this.  :-\

Jesse James:
I sense a great disturbance in your marriage.  :-X

Seriously though, that'd be such a conversation piece.  You could maybe lay it down, build a plexi-glass top over it and, and BS it's way into the house as a coffee table.

depending on price and flex pay options, I hope I could swing this hahaha

If i do my wishful math correctly, it would be the quarter scale han in carbonite price x 4 LOL :P

again, wishful thinking


After all this time and a few refinements, it's finally up for pre-order!

It's such an amazing, awesome piece...  but it's $6999.00 plus shipping and any applicable taxes. 

Unfortunately, I like being married more than I like this, so it's a pass for me.  :(

OMG!  The shipping alone has to be hundreds of dollars, and then you're going to need a crowbar to get it out of the crate that it's packed in.

Unless you're significantly well-to-do, this thing screams "Please, divorce me for spending $7000 on a life size figure"!


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