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X-Wing has been altered a bit. Vader's TIE seems to have not been (no removable cockpit seat), and that sure looks like a Saga 2006 Vader included in the set.  ::) I suppose no one is buying it for the figure.

I recently got a Vader TIE at a yard sale for $2. It was missing its missiles...maybe I should get this set for the missiles.  :P


--- Quote from: Jayson on July 20, 2011, 01:31 PM ---Does R2 (in the Trench Run set) look like the battle damaged one from the first Droidfactory 2 packs to anyone else???

--- End quote ---

Sure looks like it from the new .de pics ( linked above). 

Definitely some tweaks to the X-Wing too, I think that "hidden torpedo launcher" deal is new.

Jesse James:
Front gear also has a "hatch" for it now.

Seriously though, nice updates but without making the ship bigger it's just disappointing to me.   :-\  Of course if the price is right though, the boxed set may be a nice deal overall.

The included Vader is wrong (no tabards over the armor). #fail  :P

Jesse James:
Instant pegwarmer, errr, shelfwarmer.


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