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TRU TPM3D Pod Racer Pilot Multi-Pack

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This is another item I'd like to get a better look at - according to the panel is should have more TPM Pod Race Pilots , plus all their little flags from the parade?  Sounds like a neat box set!

Pic at JediInsider

I'm all for it, though it's be nice to know who's in it. Hope they can finish the pilots off with this pack, along with the couple they're releasing as well. Maybe a new Threepio could be tossed in?

Hmm, seems to be repack, repack, repack, repack repack, repack, repack... 5x pilots and the announcer.

Not that I really care, but does this mean we'll see Anakin/Sebulba pods again next year.

Looks like most, if not all of the previously released Pod Racers:
-Clegg Holdfast
-Teemto Pagalies
-Mars Guo
-Dud Bolt


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