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Cataloging you collection?


Since my remodel is nearing completion it is getting to the time bring all my toys out from storage. I want to catalog all of my Star Wars figures and toys since I have no clue what I have anymore. Does anyone have a piece of software to do that? I was thinking of creating a spreadsheet or even designing an Microsoft Access database for it.

What do you do to catalog your collection?

I have just used a spreadsheet with tabs for different items.  At this point, I just have one tab for vintage that lists everything I have in that area since it is mostly just the 3 3/4" figures and the 12" figures.  For other stuff I have tabs for 3 3/4" OT and prequel, 12" for both and misc. (ships, beast packs, etc.) for both.  Also have tabs for Legos, Hallmark ornaments, replicas, books and comics, loose figures, etc.  For figures I would track name, cardback type, serial number, and price I paid.  For other items, I have different columns, like set number and block count for legos or author for novels and comics.  Last tab is a running total of all of my items, mostly for insurance purposes.

I just have a giant Excel spreadsheet with everything in alphabetical order and what line it's from, etc. That way when I can't remember if I own something or a version of something I can look it up that way. Not ideal, but better than nothing and once you have it originally done it's easy to update.

I have an Excel spreadsheet with filters on it and hyperlinks to previously released versions.  It is just for Hasbro and Kubrick stuff though.  Let me know if you want a copy and I will send it over.  There is a guy in our MN collecting group that has made an access DB complete with UPCs.  I can check into that as well if you have Access software.

I use an Excel Spreadsheet with different tabs for different lines.  It's worked out well and came in handy with our insurance company.


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