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I thought there was already a thread for this, but I didn't see it (or missed it).  Anyways, anyone here collect the Star Wars glasses (vintage BK, or the modern Target ones).  I know it has been a few years now since we've seen any of these, but I guess due to the nostalgia factor I was always a big fan of them.  I've still got three left to pick up from the vintage line at some point.  I was just curious, for those of you that have them, do you use them?  Are they on display, or in the rotation from the cupboard?  I picked up a few extras of the Target ones on clearance (Han, Luke, Obi-Wan) that we use, but that's about it.  I don't know that I'd use the BK ones necessarily, but I was looking at this lineup of plastic Target glasses and thought it was silly to not be using them.  Anyways, kind of a silly question, but just wondering if anyone collects these glasses and if so, do you use them?

I actually have some of the vintage glasses (BK) at my parents. I haven't drank from them... maybe as a kid though.

I've got a few of these wrapped up boxes, the BK ones.  I have not had a drink from them since I was a kid tho.  I still have one that I got sending away boxtops for.  But it is quite beat up.

Jesse James:
These are one of those thigns I'd LIKE to have, but I'm not sure if I'd be too tempted to use them or what.  I have the mugs they sell at the holidays, and wish they'd do up some different decoes on some of them, and maybe put out a couple clone mugs or other ones.  A Jango deco on Boba would be nice... 

Those BK glasses are great though.  There's always some for sale at the local toy show, but the prices always turn me off.

Target had a 4 pack of "Vintage" like glasses last year, they might still have them. They are very nice and heavy, if when the wife breaks the other plain ones i'm taking these out of the box :).


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