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Mikey D:
Ok, I don't really need another thing to collect, especially at $70+ each, but the upcoming Bandai SH Monster Arts Godzilla figures are beyond awesome.  I've been a Godzilla fan since I was about 5 years old (so much so that I'm thinking about getting a tattoo of him on my leg.  The only other "geeky" thing I'd consider would be Batman.  Not Star Wars, not GI Joe, not a sports team logo - but I digress).

This is my favorite pic:

More here -

Upcoming monsters include Mechogodzilla and SpaceGodzilla.  I'd love to get them all, but like I said, $70 each is tough to swallow (especially with Marvel Legends making a comeback after a hiatus).  Maybe I'll grab Gojira only and Gigan (my favorite monster other than the big G) if they make him.

I still want the one from my childhood with the launching fist and flaming tongue. That thing freaking ruled.

I've never really been a Godzilla fan but that action figure is really awesome.  And I agree, that photo is cool.


Mikey D:
Obviously not a lot of activity in this thread and I haven't bought one of these figures, but I'm always considering it.  King Ghidorah is the latest one released and it's so massive and beyond awesome it hurts not to own it.  I wish I wasn't so far beyond on my Sideshow collection and spending money getting my arm sleeved, because these figures would be at the top of my collecting wants. 

With that said, this may be the figure that bites me in the ass...


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