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--- Quote from: Rob on January 24, 2013, 06:38 PM ---Wasn't $120 the regular price at Target for that one?

--- End quote ---

Sorry - I don't know - maybe I was just thinking about the fact that Toys R Us has it for like $149 - but their prices are normally always much much higher than everyone else's....

I bought the recent LEGO X-Wing and my daughter and I built it tonight.  It was really a lot of fun.  The only other LEGO ship I have is Vader's TIE, so I thought it would be fun to set up a Trench Run display.

It's a pretty cool set, you can open the S-foils into the classic attack position by rotating a knob on the back.  I just wish it came with a stand so I could display it that way.

It also includes Luke/R2 and Jek/R5 and extra pieces so you can display it as Red 5 or Red 6.

But I'm concerned I may have opened a large can of worms because I want more!  :D

Jesse James:
Some of the 2012 sets are on clearance at K-mart for their marked price + an additional 50% off...  I've seen the Republic and Sith fighters...  The latter is still over $40 even with the discount but the Republic Fighter was under $20.

I saw the mando speeder with Darth Maul and 2 red Mandos at my local grocery store last night. Damn, what a great toy! This would have been a great entry in the Hasbro deluxe series. Ugh.

Jesse James:
Bought the Strike Fighter for Clearance + Extra 50% off at K-Mart, and for $18 I mostly did it just for the Shan, Republic Badass, and Droid.  Though the Lego's inspiring me to make an action-figure-scaled ship myself someday.  Nice design.


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