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Hello Everyone! New Here.

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Hi, all! Just joined. Here's some things you should know about me. I've collected Star Wars for 12 years and have been customizing action figures for 4. I hope I get to know each and every one of ya.

Welcome to the party! Where you from?

Whoops! How silly of me. From North Carolina, USA. Ask thanks for welcoming me!

Jesse James:
Hey Orange, welcome aboard man.  I'm glad to have someone on posting some custom figures too...  It's been a while since I've really focused on that, and it's something I miss but was the hobby that got axed (not forever, still buying fodder and tinkering with some stuff I never finish) when too much was piled on me, haha.

Great custom you posted too by the way, looking forward to more stuff like that.  I love Fan-Fic...  For some it's about making a figure from the films or whatnot, which is great and I like the attention to detail people put into it, but Fan-Fic was where I really liked seeing people excel and the freedom really was neat too, to see if people could come up with things totally "Star Warsy" but still their own.

Anyway, welcome aboard...  Join in the discussion.  Right now lots of speculating ont he Blu-Ray, modern toys...  Just lots of stuff.


--- Quote from: Orangepeace on August 19, 2011, 05:18 PM ---Whoops! How silly of me. From North Carolina, USA. Ask thanks for welcoming me!

--- End quote ---

Awesome to have another mid-Atlantic poster, welcome! I live in Richmond VA and will be looking forward to hearing about what stuff you are seeing hitting to the south.



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