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ROTJ mini: weeping Rancor Keepers

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I was just about to begin the Rancor cave, trying to figure out where I would showcase the rancor keepers in the diorama- then I realized I was trying to fit too much into the scene.  Further, I wanted to spotlight the 2 goons a bit more than they would have been in the background of the Rancor.  And lastly, I needed to test the "rock" technique before I made a lot more for the Cave.  So although it's a test for a bigger dio, I'm kinda happy with it!  The base is a piece of MDF board coated in plaster and sand, and the rocks are styrofoam shapes painted with plaster and spraypainted with dark brown and a light coat of tan.  I hot-glued them in various configurations to look like the natural cave of the set.  The door panel is a piece of posterboard with holes covered with 3 different colored lightsaber pieces, so that the colored light would illuminate if I placed a light behind it.  I also put a light above the doorway like in the scene.  Hope you like it- the Rancor cave is next  :grin:

And a couple reference pics:

Jesse James:
I love it Greg...  Styrofoam works outstanding for random rocks.  I'm making some destroyed tombstones out of simple garage door insul sheets for halloween, and can't wait to deco them.  Just need something like a soldering iron to cut and you're on your way really. (Niub Niub has good instructions on workign with stuff like this if anyone's curious).

The green beedy eyed guy was one of my most wanted JP aliens, and so he's getting a highlight now in your diorama and I think that rocks.  I was going to rig up a smaller version of something similar on a shelf dedicated to Jabba's Rancor, actually.  It's such a nice toy, it deserves a spotlight of sorts.  And the figures to make it perfect help a lot too.

Looks great man, as always.  I like your lighting...  If you want cheap lighting ideas, visit 5 Below or the dollar store (just test it all before you put it into you set-up as bad soldering on that stuff can start a fire).

Awesome! Like how you captured every detail.

You know, I believe the first artpiece I saw from you, Greg, was the mini-dio of Han hanging in Jabba's palace. Back then I thought it couldn't get any better. But now I can't believe how you keep impressing the hell out of me everytime you post a new project from start to finish.

You're a man with OT blood running through his veins and it shows everytime!

Always incredible. Do you have all your dios on display in your home or do you rotate new for old?


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