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JediDefender 2012? Maybe?

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Are they playing?  I know there's a schedule.  Whatever.

League ID: 4094
password: berry

I think league is set for 8 teams right now, everyone should get an email on it.  More players are welcome if anyone new wants to join in.  Just let me know and I'll set the limit higher.

Is there anything worse than fantasy basketball?  The answer is fantasy hockey and golf.

But yeah, I'll play again just to see if I can draft Patrick Ewing Jr.. Ron 'Peace Around the World' and Allen Iverson.

Did fantasy basketball exist in the Jordan era?  That would have been cool.

I played Fantasy Basketball in the early 90's...I had Barkley and Karl Malone on the same team and absolutely mopped up one year.  I know for sure that I played Fantasy Football in the late 80's with my buddies.  I remember having Herschel Walker as a Viking which would have been 1989. 

Dressel Rebel:
Well now we know at least the first 2 weeks of the season are cancelled.

That means LeBron James has 2 less weeks to choke.

Yeah, um, I just changed the draft.  Had it set for tomorrow night but bumped it back to November 30th now.  Will advise if anything changes.

Only five signed up.  Would like at least three more.  Assuming they play this year.


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