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Garven Dreis' Collection - A WIP


Garven Dreis:
I'm working on uploading more pictures but for now I have some pictures of my Garven focus 3" 3/4 items and Astromechs. All my Rebel Pilots are coming up! Which is my main focus within OT. Here's how my focuses go.

Star Wars>Hasbro>3 3/4">OT>Rebels>Rebel Pilots>Garven Dreis

Okay, so without further adieu...

(Second SAGA Garven not pictured.)

(Again it has just been replaced in the box for display. Also that is the second SAGA Garven. I would have taken him out for the first picture but he's a pain to get in the packaging again.)

(This also has just been replaced in the box for display.)

(A SAGA Garven and TLC Garven aren't pictured as they are in the Scramble on Yavin and X-Wing boxes.)

(These are the rest of my pilots. I included Vintage since they're pilots too. Also it evened it out. Vintage Luke is in front to pay homage to the first Rebel Pilot figure ever made.)

(I also have an EPI R2-D2 that is wedged in an X-Wing really good so it won't fall out. Also it looks crappy compared to these.)

(The GIF program degraded the quality. I'll see if I can fix it up later on.)

I really like this. I always thought that a collection should have a theme. That is what any good museum installation would have a focus on one type of art. Here you have done that with pilots. So far so good!

Garven Dreis:
Heh heh, thanks!

I want to get other pictures up but I don't have a subcollection this solid. Probably the rest of my Rebels are next.

And updated!


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