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I guess this could cover any number of card sets/series through the years (I'm sure there is even something going currently that I'm not aware of), but I guess I'm thinking primarily of the vintage card sets.  Does anyone here have or collect these?  This is one of those items (alongside the actual vintage figure line and the BK glasses) that really bring back that SW nostalgia for me.  I didn't have a ton of them when I was a kid, and most of the ones I did have were ROTJ - but between myself and a friend of mine we had a pretty decent collection.  I did replace and complete my ROTJ (Series 1) set a few years back, and always wanted to eventually get all of the vintage (US) Topps sets.  It was sort of a way to "relive" the movie as a kid, and I always enjoyed them.  Anyways, I've just been starting to look into them again on ebay (and, does anyone else know of another resource?).  I guess, prior to researching them online a bit, that I wasn't even aware that so many sets existed for the three movies.

Jesse James:
I believe our new guy, Jim Ristway (Jimree) collects some cards...  Some of the locals do in general.

I've never been much of a card guy, but it always seems like something is out in the trading card world for Star Wars.  I thought I just saw clone Wars cards the other day, actually, at 5 Below.

I collect these, mostly the vintage now that some of the card sets you can get are $4 for 3 cards.  :-\

That said, I finished my vintage ANH sets this spring when I walked into a comic store and found the 5 I needed!

I do enjoy the Evolutions idea, but I haven't kept up to see what's being offered lately.

Anyone collecting the Galactic Files?  Looking to finish off some base and insert cards.  Let me know.

Anybody still in to physical trading cards?

I'm tempted to pick up some of the Rogue One boxes, but can't seem to find a comparison of how a hobby box compares to a retail box.  Is there a fan site that does a good job with Star Wars cards?


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