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I'm excited to be going to NYCC this year. 

Got my press pass approved back in August, should be at the show on Thursday, Friday and maybe Saturday AM if anyone wants to meet up. :)

Have fun, Jeff.  Look up Speedermike.  He usually goes (at least I met up with him the 2 years I was living there).

Does that mean that Hasbro is doing a show if you are going?

I'm trying to see if there are any GoT or SW exclusives at this con.  Don't want to miss out.

Jesse James:
The Rebels Panel may be quite interesting!  And I see Acid Rain World will have a presence.  I'm so down I can't go. :(

Any SW exclusives?

Jesse James:
To the best of my knowledge, no, but I could be wrong...  Hallmark perhaps, but outside of them I don't believe so.  Hasbro's stuff at SDCC is usually it for them and everyone else it seems like at best they maybe bring the SDCC extras with them.

NYCC's gaining momentum every year it seems.  Good for them...  I hope I can go some year. :)


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