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Sidshow 12" Boba Fett

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Preorder is tomorrow with a hefty price tag of 174.99. What happened to the days of cool exclusives. The stand is a bore.

Jesse James:
I think it's probably more SS hoping not to piss people off by giving an exclusive that people are irate they couldn't get.  I think both versions of this figure will be gone pretty fast.  The price seems pretty fair for what you ultimately get out of him.

Wow!  Nice detail.  Sideshow will be busy tomorrow.

Took 8 minutes from beginning to end, but got mine ordered.

Somehow I "lost" my subscription to the Sideshow Newsletter and wasn't able to pre-order one.  I'll try to get a waitlist and then decide if I really want one.

Edit:  Priority Pre-order is over so I just went in a pre-ordered a "Regular" version.  I don't need or care about the special stand.


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