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Bedlam baby!  ;D

First preseason game tonight.  Surprisingly mature hockey crowd; more calm at points than expected for sure. 

Traffic was a nightmare downtown and it took nearly an hour to get to the game.  Bars all around MTS packed with folks without tickets.  Everyone was really happy and no, unlike Vancouver absolutely no riots (but then we won tonight). 

Beers: $8.25 for a Jumbo.  Ouch. 

Fully noting it was a split squad game, but we sure got a nice game out of our boys.  Scheifele is making Chevyldayoff look like a frickin' genius with a four point game in his first NHL outing (2G, 2A).  Byfuglien is a monster - first shift flattened two guys and a five minute fighting major.  He will be a favorite in this town.  Ladd played well too.  So we won that one 6-1 but lost the other half 5-1 in Columbus.  Do I care?  Nope, not for a second. 

Nice mix of old and new Jets gear on the fans and no whiteout. 

Happy.  I am.

Jesse James:
Malkin looked good last night...  I didn't catch all the game since I was tied up till late, but what I did watch was good.  Love this time of year.

I am digging Shanahan as the league's enforcer of bad hits so far.  He's doing a good job of explaining what and why and leaving it out there for everyone to see. 

It will be interesting to see if some guys try to take advantage of it though and take some exaggerated dives.  It would be awesome to see Shanahan call people on that as well.  Probably only take a couple of one game suspensions to cull the diving a fair bit. 

Oh and had lunch with Byfuglien, Kane and Ladd the other day.   ;)

Mikey D:
I need to see if I can score some tix to the Winter Classic this season.  My father knows someone that's been hooking him up with various Philadelphia sporting event tickets.  Hopefully he can come through with the WC.


--- Quote from: Morgbug on September 27, 2011, 12:12 PM ---Oh and had lunch with Byfuglien, Kane and Ladd the other day.   ;)

--- End quote ---

Okay, that would've been a hell of a lunch!  Any cool insight into the game?


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