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Apocalypse - Part One


Hi Everyone,

Photo novels is a huge passion of mine and I would like to present to you a collaboration between myself, Kessel Run Imports and Luke Sprywalker... I hope you enjoy it!

Ow! Great to see you post this exciting first chapter of a completely new and different SW era, Jules! Already commented in more detail at Yakface, but I'll repeat here that I like this a lot.

After rereading it, I would like to add that despite the lack of the obvious SW references, this does feel like SW. I am very anxious to see if the Force is still around after all that time (side note: thousands of millennia is a tad long...  ;) ), or lightsabers for that matter....

Thanks Incom for both your replies, you know how appreciative I am!

In terms of the force, if you read into the beginning you may get the impression that there is something a little different about Jez... The Force may be forgotten, but it's still there!!!

LOL, yes, I did read about Jez being different and quickly made a 1+1=2, but since this takes place in such a distant future, I wouldn't be surprised if the Force as we know it, evolved into something else entirely. I will eagerly wait and see, Jules!


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