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Collider gets a sneak peek at Hasbro packaging for The Avengers

Thanks for posting Jay!  Looks like just Iron Man pictured so far, and he doesn't look too different from the Marvel U or Iron Man 2 figures so far.  I'll probably pass on Iron Man, but definitely looking forward to seeing what they can do with Hawkeye and Black Widow.

Looks okay so far.  The one question that I think is significant about the Avengers toy line is what scale will be the focus for the figure line:  3.75" like the current Captain America and Thor lines, or in the larger Marvel Legends scale?

Good question.  I assumed they were 4" figures, but that could easily be a 6" fig I suppose.  I'm hoping they are the smaller scale, since I have most of what I really want in 6" form.

Yeah, I was thinking that was the 3-3/4 scale packaging.


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