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2012 Movie Heroes Basic Figures (Maul cardback)

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--- Quote from: Pete_Fett on February  9, 2013, 10:32 PM ---Why wouldn't the Movie Heroes and Clone Wars figures ship as well? This is good news. While I know the ship has sailed on the last wave of Maul-packaging MH figures, I find it very hard to believe they wouldn't just ship a single wave for a couple of months just to have product in the stores until the Vader-packaging stuff kicks in this summer.

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I hope so too man, but the thing is though, I feel like if that was going to happen, we would already be seeing the Maul-packaged figures getting clearanced, like how the TVC line is at Target right now. The fact that no stores seem to have any particular desire to A) move the old stock, or B) order any new stock, seems to point to a protracted stalement on the pegs for the next few months. Add that to the fact that none of the Targets that have recently reset have stocked new CW figures, and I think it's sort of a bleak outlook.

Then again, I'm not sure the Yoda packaged stuff ever got as far as having a DPCI assigned, so who knows. Maybe they would just throw the new stuff up with the old.


--- Quote from: McMetal on February 10, 2013, 08:16 AM ---\\ Maybe they would just throw the new stuff up with the old.

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I was thinking that is how Target would handle the new stuff. They did something similar last year by rolling the Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and Avengers lines all together under the same DPCI. But then again another reset in March or April for green packaged and TVC figures might be possible, since Target seems to love resetting their aisles on a monthly basis nowadays.

Got my shipping notice from Toy Palace. I'll let everyone know how long it takes and what kind of condition the stuff arrives in.

The good news is that more 2012 Movie Heroes figures are shipping this Spring...  the bad news is that this Spring will see more of Waves 2/3 and NOT the Wave 4 figures that people are trying to find.

EE has posted these two new cases for Spring 2013:

2012 Movie Heroes Wave 3, Revision 1 - March 2013
2x Darth Maul, 3x Clone Shock Trooper, 2x R2-D2, 2x Battle Droid, 1x Darth Vader, 1x General Grievous, 1x Clone Trooper

2012 Movie Heroes Wave 3, Revision 2 - March 2013
3x Clone Shock Trooper, 3x Darth Vader, 3x General Grievous, 3x Clone Trooper

Like I said over in the similar Clone Wars thread - they can get us NEW case assortments of the 2012 carded stuff but can't find a way to get us the 2013 stuff?  Epic. Fail.

This is BEYOND ridiculous.

Someone at Hasbro needs to be FIRED over how bad this line is being handled.

Personally, even though I still have my Wave "4" 2012 MH figures on their way from Toy Palace (the shipment seems to be "lost" at the moment unfortunately) - if EE was selling the Wave 4 figures, I'd be ecstatic since it would mean I'd have ample opportunity to buy multiple exploding tan Battledroids.

What I really don't understand is if they can get this to EE, why can't they get the 2013 stuff in Tri-lingual packaging to EE?


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