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2012 Movie Heroes Basic Figures (Maul cardback)

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--- Quote from: JediJman on March  1, 2013, 09:30 AM ---I ordered three cases from Toy Palace the other day and just got an update from them:

 - Clone Wars 2013 Wave 1 Case - In Stock & Ready to Ship
 - Movie Heroes 2013 Wave 1 Case - In Stock & Ready to Ship
 - Movie Heroes 2012 Wave 3 Case - Expected Arrival on 3/15

Weird that the 2012 case is the one holding up my shipment, but at least it appears to be on the way in a few weeks.  Pretty happy with TP overall, though they deduct their money from your Paypal account immediately instead of waiting until things ship.   :P

--- End quote ---

Heard back from Toy Palace today that they are not getting their planned shipment of MH 2012 Wave 3 from Hasbro.  So no tan Battledroid or Boba Fett for me.   :-\  I'm a little sour about it, given that I've had other options like Ebay to get these figures over the last few weeks, but now there doesn't seem to be anything left after waiting three weeks.  Also pretty crummy that they held my money and the other two cases for 3 weeks when I could have paid less and had the cases by now.   ARGH!  Thanks for screwing me twice on the same case Hasbro.

Anyone know anywhere else these might be available via the case or single figures?

The last US wave seems to be hitting Ross now at $4.99 a pop.

Now at Five Below, wave 2? The wave with new TPM characters, light up saber Obi-Won and Qui-Gon.

Much rather have seen the vintage wave...any vintage wave.

I saw a ton of these in the old wheelbarrow up front at 5 Below today. Looked like a whole lot of Wave 2.

Jesse James:
Unfortunately Movie Heroes are what's pictured in their Christmas Toy Book...  :(

I'm hoping for TVC goodness to trickle in, which is possible.


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