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2012 Movie Heroes Basic Figures (Maul cardback)

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Darn, I saw "Saga Legends Dead" and got excited. Other than a few select figures, the line has caused nothing but headaches. Looks like "Movie Heroes" will be more of the same ole same ole. Can't wait for more Vaders, Obi-Wans, Anakins, etc. ::)

They just need to stop jamming the pegs meant for the Clone Wars and Vintage figures with all that Legends garbage. The 3 closest Walmarts around here are at least 70% Legends swag right now. One case of that junk will hang around for's obscene.

And I've still literally NEVER seen anyone buy one of those figures.

I wish the packaging was drastically diferent for these, i think that would help stores realize they re different.

Although it is likely just "Saga Legends" with a new name, it would nice to see them change it up a little bit.  There have been exceptions lately, but otherwise it seems like that line has been the same figures released continually over the past few years.  Sure, from one point of view that is sort of the point of it but at the same time I think they could vary up the lineups (and avoid the doubling up vs. CW and TVC).

I've always hoped (as long as we had a line like this around) that they would just fill it with main characters (the ultimate versions) and army builders.  Incorporate figures like VOTC Han, the Falcon Pack Luke and R2, the recent Jedi Luke, Qui-Gon, any of the recent Obi-Wans and even the occasional main/supporting characters like Lando, Yoda, Fetts, etc.  A lot of those have already been used and will always be (Anakin, Obi-Wan, Vader, Grievous, etc.), but we've really gotten a lot of pretty much perfect versions of the main characters and army builders from across the Saga that could just be trotted out all the time - sort of like the original vintage line in a way where characters like Vader, Chewie, the droids, and the troopers were used across all three original movies.

Maybe they'll quit using outdated molds in this line, like they do with Maul and Fett each time they put one into Legends... probably just wishful thinking.  I'm sure this is more of the same.


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