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Attention all customizers -

We are revamping our Customs forum!  Please excuse the mess while we re-organize and move threads around over the next month or so.

If something goes "missing" or you can't figure out where something was moved, please let me or Jesse James know via PM and we will help you find what you seek.

Thanks for your patience!

Things are looking better, already Jeff! I spread the word around here and there, so hopefully we'll have customizers regularly coming back here soon!

That's a lot better Jeff! Much easier to find things now.


Took longer than I wanted, but all of the customs threads have moved into our new child boards -

Star Wars Action Figures
- Share your custom Star Wars figures!

Star Wars Ships and Vehicles
 - Share your custom Star Wars starships and vehicles!

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays
- Share your custom Star Wars dioramas and displays!
Photonovels and Movies
- Share your custom action figure photonovels, motion comics, and movies!
Other Custom Figures (non Star Wars)
- Share your "other" custom figures - Indy, GI Joe, Marvel, DC, fan-fic, or whatever!

Customizing Tips and Tricks
- Have a general question about customizing?  Want to know about differnt types of glue, paint, plastic, casting, or parts? Ask them here!

Customs Community and Group Projects
- Discuss the general customs community and bond with fellow customizers!  And talk about the various group projects going on here or other places!

Also, if you see a rogue thread that looks like it was mis-placed and would fit better someplace else, just let me know!

Jesse James:
Really is great having this separated Jeff.  And I know it was a lot of work, so thanks for that!


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