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Incom's non-SW customs: Darksiders Ulthane and Death WIP 07/07/12


I didn't plan to start these before December, but since I had a batch of Fixit mixed, I thought what the heck and took a Ki-Adi Mundi head, sanded the sides and rear smooth and voila! Early WIP shots of the head sculpt for the Brothers, featured in the ultra cool video game Afro Samurai.

For reference, I turned to the wonderful galleries of

Started on Afro Samurai himself as well. Made a cast of a TCW Mace Windu head and began defining Afro's er... afro  ;D

This has been a long term project and my first ever Transformers custom. Many customizers start out with repainting a Transformer, but silly me just had to jump right in and start a reshell project  ::)

The idea was to make this Bumblebee a birthday gift for my brother, who's a big TF fan and happens to own one damn cool Mini One, with chequered roof and mirrors, matt black rims, white racing stripes on the hood and a nifty #53 on the doors.

I was inspired by a fellow member called Jazzman26, who is very talented at making Transformers reshell projects. While I was off to a flying start, I feel I kind of stranded in sight of the finish line. I had to abandon the transforming process, because of room issues in the rear wheel wells. That's okay, though, since most Transformers are displayed in bot mode anyway.

Neither did I make the deadline for my brother's birthday, last December.

And in the end I fell short of skills in the decal and airbrushing departments. I just couldn't get the decals nice enough: they're really dark grey and have "ghost" edges. Don't know what it is, but it's something I'll have to keep in mind in the future. And while my Tamiya gloss black went on very smoothly, the gloss varnish has this fine sandpaper like structure :(

Still, it clearly resembles my brother's Mini Cooper and I hope he'll like it. Despite the setbacks, I had a blast working on a Transformer and I've been stockpiling on those ever since I started this project!

So, here's Bumblebee as a Mini, dubbed "Coop"!

You can see all of the WIP shots on my FB page   :D


Darksiders Ulthane and Death:
Ulthane is close to being paint, need to finish his sculpting his hammer. Death has finally recieved a suitable hairdo, after numerous sculpting attempts didn't work out.

More to come in the coming days!


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