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Sideshow 12-inch Commander Bacara


Looks like Bacara is coming next. He looks great so far, but I was hoping for a little bit more of a break after Gree.

Jesse James:
Outstanding looking.

Bacara is one of the few Clones to get a lot of background time, and IIRC absolutely no play in the new cartoon.  I love his armor, and his sort of brutal scene in ROTS just adds to his mystique (though there are more just like him running around, which is odd).

I've never seen much of an explanation why, exactly, there's a gaggle of guys in the same armor in his ROTS scene, as well as the guys in the marine armor, yet he's their leader...  It's just odd.

Still though he had some bad ass armor mods, and he's a figure I'd LOVE to see Hasbro maybe take another stab at too.  I'm sure Sideshow's is going to be outstanding though.

Jesse James:
The image gallery for him looks good, but lacks something...  I like him, and I'd buy him (circumstances being otherwise), but he seems to lack something the others like Bly had...  Not sure what I'm missing here that makes me think that way though.  :-\  Just feels like "less" of a deal maybe.

Love the armor style on him though.  It's unique and hasn't been touched in the toon yet for some reason.  Yet I love Bacara...  He just looks badass.

I got my Bacara a couple of weeks ago, and was kind of disappointed that one of his chest pauldron straps was attached to his belt far too low, leaving the pad itself aligned just above his navel.  The right side was adjustable, but the left strap was just way too short, and I was worried I would damage it if I tried to "operate."  Sideshow, showing outstanding customer service and standing behind the products they produce, offered to exchange a new one for my incorrectly pauldroned version, at their shipping expense.  That's the kind of thing that makes me want to support a company and their products.  So thank you, Sideshow, for being a great bunch of folks. :)


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