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Just got an email from BBTS - so no clue where to post, but...

Hasbro will be debuting our two awesome new GI Joe 7-Packs at the New York
Comic-Con tomorrow!   We can't tell you any specifics about the sets, but
there are never before released figures included and you can only get them
at BigBadToyStore!  Check our site tomorrow for preorder listings!


 :o Holy **** I want that Dreadnok set.  Holy **** holy **** holy ****.   :o

Kind of ironic- a boxed set based around Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades and Marauders without a Slaughter in it. But seeing Mercer, Red Dog, and Taurus updated makes it neat.

And that Dreadnok pack is awesome. Gotta have it.  :)

Mikey D:
Awesome.  Love the Dreadnok set, what a great way to get the remaining original 'Noks (plus Zanya and the black dude).  Must be a rights issue with calling Thrasher Thunder.  Hopefully Gnawgahyde comes with his wild boar.  I'm also glad they didn't include another Zartan with the set.

Getting the Marauders set strictly for Mercer, Red Dog and Taurus.  Would love to have seen Sarge included as I never managed to get him.


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