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I don't get it.  19 figures in 2012?  Seems strange.

I think it is brilliant. Now when these figures never show up at a store 30 miles from my house I only have 19 figures to get (insert word or phrase of your choice here) by scalpers on eBay.
Much better than the 30 or 40 I would like to have.


--- Quote from: JediMoses on October 15, 2011, 11:27 PM ---I don't get it.  19 figures in 2012?  Seems strange.

--- End quote ---

I agree- we keep hearing that current media support drives sales of toys to kids and gift givers(whether it is a theatrical release or television show), and here is a television series aimed at kids at the mid-point of the run, and very little product to go with it.

I've been hunting aqua droid, ahsoka, serpias, and others for months, and I have the advantage that I know they were even released, and hit stores several (and sometimes many) times a week. What are the chances of a 9-10 year old actually getting some of these toys, or even knowing they were produced? I wouldn't want to see pegs overflowing with clone wars either, but if anything needed to be put to rest for a bit, it should have been legends/heroes. At least until CW had run its' course on television.

As long as I am taking the opportunity to rant- Lucasfilm could have done a way better job of keeping CW information going to Hasbro in a timely manner. Figure releases aimed at kids a year or more after the episode airs is pretty poor planning, but isn't necessarily the fault of the toy manufacturer. The timing of CW wasn't anything special, it could have been held back a year to synch the merchandise and the media.

(edit- found an Aqua droid this a.m. at Target!)

Jesse James:
I agree too, and don't think the 19 total for the year is right.  Just misunderstood/misinformed maybe.

I have to agree with you Jesse, I just don't see how they could skate by with only 5 more figures between April-December. That's beyond absurd...too much money left on the table there.


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