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Jazwares is also making Mortal Kombat figures -  but so far they don't look like they compare to the Street Fighter Figures. 

Ermacs green eyes aren't doing it for me.  BBTS needs to update there listing to now show this as a 6 pack

the generic robots look pretty good.

But so far that looks like that is all there is for this line.  Just 2 multipacks for this line.  Hopefully we will get some cool 2 packs for this line up like in the Street Fighter line.

Just saw this listing at BBTS:

MK9 4" Exclusive Figure Assortment - Set of 5
1x Sub-Zero
1x Scorpion
1x Reptile
1x Raiden
1x Baraka
MK9 4" Figure Series 01 - Set of 3
1x Johnny Cage
1x Jax
1x Sub-Zero

Maybe if I have time later I might call their customer service to see if I can get any more details on this line and/or availability


I emailed them this:  I was just curious if you had pricing and availability information for your Mortal Kombat 4 inch action figure line. Which stores will be carrying them - and when do you expect them to be out?

and they responded with this:
Thank you for contacting Jazwares, Inc. and for your interest in our products.  We do not sell any of our items from our website or from our office.  Please check with your local Toys R Us, Spencer, Barnes and Noble and Target stores.

Best Regards

Jazwares Customer Service

Pre-Order for the Cyber Ninja 3-pack is up on -

I really wish the ninjas looked better, wanted that set.

I have read reports of these showing up at TRU and

Currently at one can order the MK 9 version of Sub Zero or Scorpion ($10 each) and the 3 pack of Cyborgs ($20).

I have read one report on that someone found the MK2 ninja 6 pack and it was supposedly only $32! 

I have yet to stumble upon any of these Street Fighter or MK figures at my local store - but I am looking forward to it - plus I got another 20% off in store only coupon good for today only...  That would be awesome to find the 6 pack set today   ;D

just looked on ebay and I found a set for sale -

actually there are a few listings.

woohoo! I went to TRU with my one day only 20% off 1 item coupon in hand and I was able to find the cyborg 3 pack!!! $16 + tax for these 3 = me very happy. FYI - they are pretty well made imo.

If I were to change any 1 thing it would be the knee joint - these would be better served with a double knee joint like in the MU line.

Scale wise, I happened to have an MU, X-23 figure on my desk and they are the exact same height. The new Captain Britain from the MU comic pack towers over them about a head taller. So these figures are a touch short imo... so maybe I would change that to


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