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2011/2012 GI Joe Club Figure Subscription Service Figures

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Club announced another subscription figure today, Dice.

We now have Quarrel, Nano BAT, Topside and Dice.  I'm guessing Slice will probably be one of the figs also.


I have read this list was the rumored list from member Monster monkey on another site: 
--- Quote ---There was a list of rumored sub figures circulating around, Topside was on it, along with Jinx, TNT(foreign Blowtorch repaint), Dice, Iron Klaw (there was a proto of him made up a few years ago), Barrel Roll, Sure Fire, Tan Grunt, Cover Girl,
Big Boa, and the already revealed Quarrel and Nano-BAT. Can't remember if they shot down this list or not.
--- End quote ---

I hope we keep seeing more of these figures in some pics so I can decide if I am in or not - Dice does look pretty decent

I saw that list before Topside and Dice were revealed, so I'm guessing it's legit and I'm in. Mostly for Jinx and Cover Girl.

Tan Grunt with a glider revealed today.  So far I think that leaked list is 5 for 5. 

I'm also going to update on what Paul wrote the other day about the sub.  The last word from the Club is that the sub will be 6 months long and there will be 2 figures per month for a total of 12.  If you subscribe and buy all 12, you get a 13th figure for free.

The 12 basic figures will be announced prior to the sub starting but the 13th will not be. 

Last I knew there was no firm price from the Club, only speculation.  Also, you will be able to buy single figures without being subscribed, but they'll be very limited per last word from the Club.

Oh, and you have to be a Club member to order the sub and, I believe, the single figures.


Jesse James:
Pic of the Tan grunt please?  I think maybe myf avorite, and most short-lived vehicle, were the two original gliders.  I had the cobra, and my bro had the Joe, and we had a big field to play with them in...

Mine lasted, oh, bout a week.  My bro's made it maybe a month because he was more careful.


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