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R5-D4 doesn't blow

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Ok. That title sounds bad. But what would have happen if R5-D4 didn't blow is motavator? I've heard stories that Yoda was involved via the Force.

I didn't know the force could be used across the galaxy via planet to planet to manipulate things.  Long distance/broadband force maybe ?

So, your saying Yoda blows?  :o No wonder he enjoys teaching the Bear Clan and Liam is his favorite to 'turn off the lights'.

Pre-Ordained Destiny

Jesse James:
Yeah I'm ok with the "it's the will of the force", or basically saying it was fate, but Yoda manipulating things from across th galaxy is goofy to me.  Why not just make a fuel leak on Palpatine's shuttle so it blows up or something then, ya know?  Blah.


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