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Ewok village BBQ


Just finished another dio!  Calling this one done, though I need more ewoks (to customize and production figures) and I think I forgot to hang some vines down from the shelf above.  I'll probably update when I do both!  First up is the background painting I made.  I took a large sheet of blue art paper and spray-painted stripes of white for mist and brown for trees, then went in with acrylics and a brush to make some details.  I tried to get the hut on the tree to be at a height with the walkway I made in the rear part of the dio.

And here it is in place with the dio and all of the figures.  Please note that many of the ewoks are at least slight customs (like hood repaintings) or whole body repaints.  I also slightly lightened the stripes on Logray.  Thanks for looking and hope you like the pics!

This is a fantastic diorama!  Great background art and the wooden walkways are amazing. 

Another great looking dio, Greg and what an awesome background you've made! I used to let my vintage Ewoks have BBQs all the time back in the day  ;D I never owned the vintage Ewok village, but resorted to cardboard and kitchen towel paper rolls instead  ;) And let my imagination do the rest of course.

Siths Herald:
Very nice, as always.

When I first saw this thread, I thought it might be a different kind of barbeque at the village.  >:D

Great work as always though. Very impressive.


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