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I received this book As a Christmas gift and I'm a couple of chapters into it.  Pretty good so far, and is probably required reading for KOTOR fans!

Got this for Christmas as well. I'll get to reading it some day.

I finished this book in a couple of days, but just haven't gotten around to writing a review.  Overall I thought it was good.  I think the actual ending could be in TOR game...the novel was basically written to give a backstory to the game.

I'm going to start this today I think. I have never owned an XBox and thus never have played KOTOR. How "confused" will I be? Any thoughts?

You may will be pretty confused, but able to get through it.  They do go a bit into the backstory of KOTOR, but since the game could go in a bunch of different directions based on the choices you make in the game, they kind of keep it generic.


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