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Saw a price sticker at Target for mid size vehicles. They want $27.99. Outragous!

Jesse James:
Even easier to pass. 

They barely even put paint aps on this stuff anymore, and they practically print money by re-releasing EVERYTHING and rarely making a new toy.  Unless it's a new snowspeeder variant, I'm pretty easily passing.  They'd maybe get me with a V-19 deco change too, but I find that unlikely.  Deco costs too much, even though the toys cost more than ever.


--- Quote from: Master_Phruby on January  4, 2012, 03:05 PM ---Saw a price sticker at Target for mid size vehicles. They want $27.99. Outragous!

--- End quote ---

Wow...That's what TRU is charging.  I bought a walking cannon there the other week at that price just because I thought I'd never see it again.  Me thinks they'd jump to $30-$32 if Target is going to be charging the same as where they're priced at now.

Jesse James:
I don't think that's unlikely at all...  When one goes up, the others follow suit.  Wal-Mart will too, like I said elsewhere.  This can pretty much be expected.  I would assume Deluxe Fig w/Vehicle will go up too, maybe Battlepacks (which just went down in price and figure count recently)... 

If one aspect goes up, it seems everything does.

A member at Yakface found these at Wal-Mart for $24.96, so hopefully they won't be raising the price there... I seem to recall that Target sometimes jacks up prices slightly on some SW items when they first come out, then lower them a bit after demand slows down. 

But, a higher price would not surprise me.


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