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2012 Movie Heroes Class II Vehicles

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Jesse James:
Wow.  Just...  wow.  ::)  How the hell were these NOT out there?  How!?  This is as close to "iconic fighter" that TPM had...  WTF?!


--- Quote from: Jeff on November 19, 2012, 10:19 PM ---Yep, I'm a sucker who plunked down the cash and bought myself a 2012 Class II Wave 2 case from EE.  At least I got free shipping...  and yes, another Anakin Starfighter for Toys for Tots! :P

--- End quote ---

Look at it this way - the Clone Tank, while it is a repaint, if you don't want it, I'm sure there's someone out there who does.

I needed one of each of these vehicles MIB and one of the Naboo Fighter and Tank to open - so I plunked down the money for TWO cases from EE.

I ended up opening the spare Anakin JSF and getting a spare Realistic Clone Wars Anakin figure to pilot it - and I had a spare 2011 Vintage ROTJ R2-D2 that fit perfectly in the droid socket.

So for me the only Anakin JSF that's going to Toys for Tots is the one from my Mando Shuttle - why do I get the feeling that A LOT of boys who benefit from Toys for Tots are gonna get that ship this year LOL...

Saw an AAT at TJ Maxx for $16.99. Hadn't heard of the vehicles hitting there yet. Decent price, but I didn't open the one I got last spring during some Target sale. Passed.

broke down and bought the naboo fighter

39.99 with free shipping from the UK.

better than the ebay prices


Where is the Naboo Starfighter thread?

And WTF is a "Gordman's"?!?!

And why can't people on the East Coast get access to these!  >:(


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