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Jesse James:
These are available on Lego Shop for $9.99, and some sweet pics of Series 1!

Given Hasbro's F-You to collectors this year, I'm even more interested in these and less interested in Hasbro product, so I'm definitely going to collect this small sub-line.  It's too cool to pass up IMO.

Rune Haako:
Ditto, I may stop collecting the Hasbro toys, and just collect Lego.

I like these planet sets, and hope they sell well so we'll get more.

Jesse James:
I cannot fathom that these will do bad...  They're just so neat.  They're a cool way to get out mini everything in one set.  I'm really taken with the concept.

Yeah I want two or three of the TIE set alone to army build pilots. My only fear is that the PT sets draw me into buying the larger PT sets. Like, I want the Naboo set but I'm afraid having the pilot will force me to buy that $50 Naboo Fighter set so he can have something to fly.

These sets are awesome.  How does Lego keep releasing cool stuff for what seems like lower prices?  That Endor set has 4 minifigs, a speederbike, and a tree for $13...I swear those similar sets were $15 last year.  I am definitely buying me some lego this year.


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