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Let the fun begin!  This was posted on HISS as to what will be the initial push...

GI Joe Movie 2 Blaster: Folding Carton: 3 Per Case
GI Joe Movie 2 Blade Of Justice: Blister Card: 4 Per Case
GI Joe Movie 2 Delta Vehicle Asst: Folding Carton: 2 Per Case
GI Joe Movie 2 10" Inch Battle-Kata Battlers: Platform Box: 3 Per Case
GI Joe Movie 2 Alpha Vehicle Asst: Blister Card: 8 Per Case
GI Joe Movie 2 Mask Asst: Box With Header: 6 Per Case
GI Joe Movie 2 3.75: Blister Card: 12 Per Case
GI Joe Movie 2 Bravo Vehicle Asst: Folding Carton Closed: 4Per Case
GI Joe Movie 2 Snake Eyes Ninja Set: Folding Carton Open: 3 Per Case
GI Joe Movie 2 Battle Kata Weapon: Folding Carton Closed: 3 Per Case
GI Joe Movie 2 Ninja Showdown Set: Window Carton: 4 Per Case
GI Joe Movie 2 Ninja Commando Blaster: Folding Carton Closed: 2 Per Case

Lots of kiddie stuff here.  Delta size vehicles has me intrigued.  Was that what the Night Raven or RHINO were "classified" as ?

I was looking at that last night.  I'm interested to see what's in the Delta Vehicle assortment.  And it looks like it's going to be heavy on the role play and not as many whacky scales and new lines.  Basic action figures and vehicles, whatever the 10" Battle-Kata Battlers are and then role play.  Nice and manageable and not blown out like 2009 was.

I can't wait to see the figures.  If nothing else, I'm buying the Rock Roadblock figure the second I see it on the pegs!


Looks much more scaled back from ROC, which is good. I'm curious about Alphas this time around.

I figure all the really neat stuff will be exclusives, like it was with ROC. Can't wait for Toy Fair to see what Hasbro has to offer.  :)

I was wondering about exclusives.  I know that Hasbro is cutting back on Star Wars exclusives this year and was wondering if that's a new corporate strategy or if it was just for that line.

With Phantom Menace, Joe, Avengers and Spider-Man all hitting this year (and assuming no Ghost Rider toys) I'm really wondering how it's all going to be managed.  If anything will fall out due to the amount of aisle space those lines are going to take up.  I could see fewer exclusives all around just so that stores will have the room to fit the wide release stuff.

Still, I'm more excited to see the Joe stuff for 2012 than I am Star Wars.


Mikey D:
First look at the new movie toys

Other than the Halo helmet, I'm kind of digging the Joe Trooper


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